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We are crowdfunding!

We have made so much progress in prostate cancer research, but we need one final push!

Help us on the final path towards a better prostate cancer screening and save hundreds of thousands of men from undergoing unnecessary prostate biopsies!

Not only will you be contributing to enhancing the lives of men at risk of prostate cancer, but you will be also becoming a part of a company that works hard everyday to make a positive impact on the society!

Have a look at our pitch and join us in our efforts!

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What is Life Length?

Spin-off of the CNIO

We are a spin-off of the Spain’s National Cancer Research Centre.

Telomere Analysis Technology

We have the most advanced telomere measurement technology avalaible in the world.

Horizon 2020

We have received €3.1M in funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement 738707.

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Life Length is crowdfunding and there is only 1 week left!

In 2017, Life Length started a project on cancer research called ONCOCHECK. This project included a series of

27 August 2019 Leave your Thoughts

Life Length’s TAT® test is finally available in India!

Life Length has signed an agreement with MediTantras, a consulting company for healthcare providers, to distribute

27 May 2019 Leave your Thoughts

Taking part in Longevity World Forum 2018

In November 7th and 8th Life Length will participate in Longevity World Forum 2018, Europe’s first congress

9 October 2018 Leave your Thoughts

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