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The most accurate telomere testing technology

Life Length is an industry-leading biotechnology company working to improve people’s health worldwide. Using an array of unique proprietary technologies, Life Length addresses people’s aging process through telomere and telomerase measurements and diagnostics. Our highly scalable technologies provide a detailed look at one’s cellular health and biological age, positioning Life Length’s Telomere Analysis Technology® as a key tool in personalized and preventive medicine programs.

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Why to measure your telomere length?

Discover your biological age

Looks can be deceiving and so can aging. Find out your true biological age with Life Length’s telomere testing process.

Personalized medicine

Telomeres are essential cellular health biomarkers. Start measuring them today and set yourself on the right path.

Take control over your aging rate

Our unique telomere test allows to identify what lifestyle changes can be adopted in order to improve your current and future health.

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Life Length Telomere Analysis Process


Individuals interested in testing their telomere length and finding out their true biological age can request the test from their own physician, or choose one from our network of participating doctors.


The physician will be in charge of the procedure. Upon blood extraction, the sample is sent to our laboratory to complete the telomere testing process. The results report will be then delivered.


Upon reviewing the results, physicians provide consultation to their patients, creating more personalized recommendations and therapies. Annual retests are highly advisable in order to find out an individual´s aging rate.

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