1. Ring Fit Adventure
  2. Wii Fit U
  3. Brain Training
  4. Just Dance
  5. Pokémon GO
  6. Beat Saber
  7. Shape Up
  8. Guitar Hero: World Tour
  9. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  10. Super Mario Party


Video games and health are two concepts that a priori have a negative relationship, i.e. video games are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the current situation may be a little different.

The popularity of interactive entertainment is booming and prejudices are decreasing. At Life Length we care about your health and in this article we show you 10 video games that can help improve it:



1- Ring Fit Adventure

If you have a Nintendo Switch and you are not very disciplined to follow a sports routine, this is your video game. Here, we can forget about virtual trainers, as it is a fairly simple and friendly role-playing game in which all actions will have to be performed by executing different exercises in real life. The movement around the map and the different attacks are assigned to movements that we have to carry out at home with the ‘Ring-con’, an accessory that comes included that we will have to move, stretch and contract.




2- Wii Fit U

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a Wii U and a Wii Balance Board, this work will help you show off your best body on the beach. It has absolutely everything: personal trainer, daily weight tracking, determination of your physical age and the most entertaining games. For the most disciplined users, it offers the possibility of toning or flexibility training with the monitoring of a virtual trainer who will make corrections in real time, since the Wii Balance Board is capable of detecting imbalances and the weight of the person using it. For the smallest of the house or those who only want to be entertained, it offers a series of mini-games that last less than 5 minutes. In addition, it has a scoring system for each exercise that will lead more than one to repeat over and over again until reaching the highest score. You can also play its previous installments (Wii Fit and Wii Fit +) on Wii U or if you own the peripheral and a Nintendo Wii.




3- Brain Training by Dr. Kawashima

Physical exercise is important for good health, but we cannot forget mental exercise. Brain Training is going to take care of just that. It contains a total of 13 types of activities that will help us improve our ability to concentrate and mental agility. The idea behind this title is to enjoy it daily in short sessions of a few minutes, as part of a mental exercise routine. This release also brings a multiplayer mode in which we can measure ourselves against other people. You can play the most recent installment on Nintendo Switch, all previous ones on Nintendo 3DS.





4- Just Dance

If you are one of those people whose feet move by themselves when a great song sounds, this is your title. Ubisoft has been publishing an annual release since 2009 in which you can dance to great songs like ‘Rain on me’ (Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande), ‘The Time of my life’ (Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes) or ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’ (ABBA), among many others. Therefore, if you have acquired a console from the last 15 years you can play any of their titles. Keep your body in shape to the rhythm of the music. Even if you don’t move much when you go out, its multiplayer mode will make you not want to sit on the couch for a minute.



5- Pokémon GO

The 2016 phenomenon is still going strong, so much so that in July it celebrated 5 years in which it generated $5 billion. The title needs no introduction and the premise is quite simple: you have to capture creatures that are distributed by real locations that you have to physically approach. It is true that it has many new mechanics such as the possibility of exchanging pokémon with other players or doing missions to get rewards, but the most interesting thing is that we can capture pokémon that were not integrated at launch. Also, if you are not motivated enough to collect monsters on your cell phone, you can also transfer some of them to your Nintendo Switch video games (Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu/Eevee and Pokémon: Sword/Shield). Walking has never been easier.





6- Beat Saber

This is one of those experiences that can’t be told, you have to live it. It is a rhythm videogame for virtual reality, and that’s as far as we can read. We are only going to say that it helps a lot to develop synchronization and to lose weight, although it is not its objective. If you have a virtual reality device, Beat Saber is a must in your library.






7- Shape Up

Ubisoft appears again in the list, but this time to present a video game that in a casual way invites us to exercise. Either with mini-games or with its four-week plans for us to get in shape. The objective is to dedicate 15 minutes a day to exercise and Shape Up appeals to our most competitive side to do so. Nor could we miss a multiplayer mode that allows us to chop us with another person without using more gadgets. It’s time to dust off the camera (Kinect) that came with the first Xbox One and get in shape in the most fun way.




8- Guitar Hero: World Tour

If your dream has always been to put together a rock band, this is the game for you. You can play with three different peripherals: a guitar, a drum kit and a microphone. These plastic instruments have different colored buttons that must be operated to the rhythm of the music when they appear on the screen. With this game you sweat a lot. After your first drum concert, you can’t be sure of a hangover, but you will get a good stiffness.




9- Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

This is an action-adventure game that tells the story of Senua, who must rescue the soul of her beloved from the clutches of Hela, the goddess of death in Norse mythology. What makes this title special is that the protagonist’s life, embellished by the Nordic culture setting, is a story of overcoming and fighting against her own self. Senua suffers from psychosis that manifests itself in the form of visual and sound hallucinations that will also accompany the player throughout the title. You can tell that the Ninja Theory team worked closely with mental health experts and people suffering from these illnesses. This game exudes sensitivity and allows you to empathize with people who suffer from the same illness as Senua. The video game helps to normalize and understand other people, but it is not the only one. Titles such as Celeste also deal with issues such as anxiety and depression. Others, such as Spiritfarer, show their (peculiar) vision of death. And how do these video games affect health? They help to have a good mental health, to normalize things that traditionally are not, to manage complicated situations or simply to distract players from their problems. Health cannot only be physical.


10- Super Mario Party

If a game had to finish the list, it was one whose purpose is to entertain us and, if possible, to do it in company. This is the most recent installment of the Mario Party saga that seeks to emulate a board game in which our characters move around (but not before throwing a die). To win you have to get more stars than your opponents. These are scattered in different squares of the board and can be obtained in different ways, but the most common is paying coins that are obtained by winning mini-games. The fun revolves precisely around these games, as they are very varied and pit the players against each other in different ways (all against all, in pairs, 3 against 1). Over the course of a game, players will have to face each other and cooperate to emerge victorious. If you have a Nintendo game console from the last 15 years, you can surely play one of their games. The party is guaranteed.


As we have seen, video games can contribute positively to our health, and a bad use can produce the opposite effect. As long as they are consumed wisely, they can be the little push we need to get in shape, that piece that helps us grow as people or to spend a memorable afternoon competing and enjoying with your friends.

What we cannot forget is that video games are just that, games; and just having a good time will always improve our health.



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