In 2017, Life Length started a project on cancer research called ONCOCHECK. This project included a series of research studies on cancer that were being carried out over the period of two years as part of the EU research and innovation program HORIZON 2020. The objective of the ONCOCHECK project was to clinically validate telomere associated variables (TAVs) as biomarkers of different types of cancer.

From all the studies carried out, the prostate cancer study with 1,200 biopsied patients was the one with the largest sample size. The results obtained allowed the analysts to generate a far more adjusted predictive models than in other pathologies.

The accomplishments of the prostate cancer study have turned into ProsTAV, a new tool designed to improve the current prostate cancer diagnosis protocol by significantly reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies.

The current diagnosis protocol is based on PSA levels: patients with high PSA levels are consequently performed a prostate biopsy — an invasive, painful and costly procedure. However, the majority of men who undergo a prostate biopsy, do not actually have cancer. One of the reasons for this is that high PSA levels may also show due to other disorders such as prostatitis.

ProsTAV is the new prostate cancer risk-score biomarker developed by Life Length with the TAT® methodology. ProsTAV, together with the current screening protocol, can save thousands of men from undergoing unnecessary biopsies and healthcare costs would also be significantly reduced.

Even though ProsTAV is a great progression in cancer research, there is still much to be done. In sight of this, Life Length has launched a crowdfunding campaign giving the opportunity to everyone who would like to help us move forward with this very promising project. This campaign is the perfect opportunity for everyone to take a step forward in the fight against prostate cancer, something that unfortunately affects six million men worldwide.

In addition to improving the quality of life of men at prostate cancer risk, with your contribution you will become a part of a company that has put in a great deal of effort to enhance people’s health and quality of life.

Have a look at our pitch and join us in our efforts!