It is common to hear that if you like the work you do, you will never have to work. The veracity of this statement is something that we are not going to judge, but even the most fun and stimulating work must take a break. Vacations allow us to travel and get to know new cultures, take up hobbies we had put aside or spend more time with our loved ones. In case anyone still has doubts about whether to take them (or not), from Life Length Laboratories we present 5 reasons why taking a vacation will improve your health:


1. It will decrease the risk of suffering a heart attack.

Circulatory diseases are the leading cause of death in Spain. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 50,000 people died of heart-related problems. Stress, like smoking, is recognized as one of the factors that favor the manifestation of this type of pathology. This is because excess cortisol, the hormone associated with stress, increases blood pressure and depresses the immune system, among other things. So disconnecting from work-related stress helps prevent the risk of heart attack.


2. It will help your memory.

It has been shown that people who do not enjoy adequate rest have difficulty concentrating and paying attention, in addition to feeling more irritable. These inconveniences interfere with the ability to retain stimuli in memory. On the other hand, rest serves as a “fixer” of memories and for this reason it is essential to take breaks in activities based on the retention of information, such as studying. Getting enough sleep and enjoying quality sleep is easier when we are away from the noise and hustle and bustle of everyday life.


3. Your immune system will be strengthened.

There are two main types of stress depending on the time they act on our body: acute stress, which occurs in a timely manner, and chronic stress, which is suffered over a prolonged period of time. When we suffer acute stress, the body increases the number of phagocytes and natural killer cells (responsible for destroying other abnormal cells), activates them and slows down the production of specialized immune cells. It could be said that this type of stress is good for the immune system. However, when we subject our body to chronic stress, the immune system is depleted and is not as effective. Inhibiting ourselves from the stress of routine allows our natural defenses to operate normally again and we have less risk of contracting diseases.


4. Revive your sexual health.

In Spain, 70% of sexual relations in which at least one of the partners is stressed are not very enjoyable. Stress can affect directly in two different ways: producing different symptoms at a physical level such as muscle tension or general discomfort and hindering the ability to concentrate during sexual practice. But the negative effects do not end there, because when we do not rest we are more irritable and prone to sudden mood swings. At the same time, having sex is an important natural antidepressant and after climax we experience relaxation and reduced anxiety. Taking a few days off will help us to relax, feel better and fully enjoy intimate relations.


5. It will improve your mental health.

At Life Length we never tire of remembering the importance of mental health. Keep in mind that enjoying good mental health allows us to better cope with difficult situations, manage stress and maintain a healthy life at all levels. Enjoying our vacations depends on this factor at all levels. When we take a vacation, we free ourselves from stress and generally enjoy a better quality of sleep. However, these are not the only factors that intervene in mental health; vacations allow us to pamper our personal relationships, give us the time to find ourselves, or enjoy culture, gastronomy, landscapes, or stimuli that, due to lack of time, we have not been able to consume before.

The work environment has a significant impact on workers’ need for vacation and, of course, on their performance. The World Health Organization has coined the term ‘Burnout’ as a “syndrome arising from chronic stress in the workplace that was not successfully managed”. Despite the fact that its diagnosis will not be in force until 2022, it is interesting to see the growing relevance of mental health and stress that is developing in the workplace.

Finally, we have to clarify that stress, anxiety or depression can be enhanced by the work environment, without being the only determining factor. The reality is that routine, a toxic relationship or a traumatic event are some of the causes that can have an impact on our mental state. In other words, vacations generally reduce symptoms, but they are not an infallible solution to problems.

In any case, vacations are the best opportunity to escape from routine and live much better, at least for a few days.


Photos: Canva