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Telomere test and biological age monitoring

Telomeres are an important biomarker in your body, helping to identify your true biological age and playing an essential role in your cellular health. Using Life Length's technology, you and your doctor can develop a personalized plan to improve your quality of life and slow down your aging process.


The benefits of measuring your telomeres

Measuring your telomeres allows doctors to get a better understanding of your aging process, creating a truly personalized assessment of your needs.

Gain important insights on:

  • Your overall aging process
  • The impact of your lifestyle and wellness practices on your health
  • The likelihood of age related diseases early emergence

Telomere length can be linked to:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Oxidative stress
  • Different types of cancer
  • Metabolic diseases

Armed with this information you can:

  • Take a better control over your aging rate
  • Obtain more personalized information on your health
  • Measure your lifestyle improvements



Análisis edad biológica


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Life Length Telomere Analysis Process

Step 1

Individuals interested in testing their telomere length and finding out their true biological age can request the test from their own physician, or choose one from our network of participating doctors.

Step 2

The physician will be in charge of the procedure. Upon blood extraction, the sample is sent to our laboratory to complete the telomere testing process. The results report will be then delivered.

Step 3

Upon reviewing the results, physicians provide consultation to their patients, creating more personalized recommendations and therapies. Annual retests are highly advisable in order to find out an individual´s aging rate.

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