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A CNIO study shows that development of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis in the liver may be related to telomeres

22 Apr A CNIO study shows that development of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis in the liver may be related to telomeres

Scientific investigators continue the search for the answer to why our telomeres so heavily influence the onset of age-related diseases. We know that telomeres play a fundamental role in cell replication in order to protect the genes inside the chromosome from mutating, but what do telomeres have to do with specific diseases such cirrhosis, hepatitis, and live caner?

A recent study by the Spanish National Cancer Research Center’s telomere and telomerase division tried to answer this question. The investigators created a mouse model that paralleled the onset and development of liver diseases found in humans. The results showed that telomere dysfunction was a factor initiating the development of these diseases.

The researchers used a mouse line deficient of TRF1 (an important part of the protective telomere complex called shelterin) and observed as the subject reacted to the introduction of the hepotoxic agent CC14, used to increase liver toxicity. The results showed that the hepatic cells in the telomere deficient mice showed characteristics of cirrhosis or hepatitis.

The study has opened up a new possible route in liver disease prevention focusing on the protection of the telomeres.

  • karen ferrandi
    Posted at 23:25h, 27 January Reply

    very interested because I have had hepatitis C for 50 years! Contracted via blood transfusion at age 23, before they screen blood here in NY USA.

    I have lived very well, without any complaints all these decades , now at 73 I am still well however my liver profile is always somewhat elevated ( example the high end of normal for ALT may be 30..mine will be 53. It varies of course each time I have a liver profile, however it is generally never more then double the high end of normal all these 50 years. I just had an ultrasound, which I do twice a year and it shows a very mild fatty infiltration of the liver. The doctor was NOT concerned as he says it is often seen in people of my age who do NOT have hepatitis. He is not concerned. Last utrasound approximately 9 months before this showed normal. So though I am assured by medical readings that a slightly fatty liver can be combated with exercise of resistance, and I have NO OTHER ISSUES, proper weight and every test done from glucose to vitamin levels, cholesterol,, thyroid, hormones, etc are all NORMAL and have always been so over the decades. My only other issue is IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) which I have had for over 30 years. I do not consume added sugar, eat mostly organic and I do drink wine , and have for my entire life. At my age I drink 1-2 glasses with meals but sometimes I dont consume alcohol. When younger I did drink far more. I intend to not drink now and do the exercise resistance which it has been said could very well reverse the fatty liver diagnosis of recent

    I am telling you all this because I am hoping somehow that I can find out more via your company/research.

    I live in the winter in west palm beach florida. My ground line is 561 242 0797.

    7049 deer point lane
    WPB Fla 33411′

    I hope to hear back from someone if possible.

    Thank you

    Karen Gold Ferrandi,

    • lifeadmin
      Posted at 12:25h, 07 March Reply

      Hi Karen!

      Thank you for your interest in Life Length!

      Please contact us at info@lifelength.com so we can answer all your questions.

      Kindest regards,

      Life Length Team

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