The global rise of anti-aging medicine has given rise to numerous congresses and conferences where speakers give speeches about the latest news and trends within a wide range of areas related to the field such as: genetics, aesthetics, functional medicine, nutrition, prevention, cardiology, endocrinology, etc.

A4M Congresses speaker telomeresThe most important meetings are organised by the prestigious American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). The participants include certified doctors, practitioners, nurses and other life science professionals, seminars and educational events being the main activities carried out throughout the congress.  Annually, AM4´s two Congresses gather exhibitors, companies and professionals interested in finding answers to the aging process. The spring Congress takes place in Florida and the winter one, in Las Vegas.

One of the most outstanding A4M´s branches is education. Anti-aging medicine still needs to be more widespread to make its way into more doctors and clinics´ consultations. To meet this need, A4M launched an educative project in 2014 called Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI).

Symposiums, degrees, online courses and research grants are shaping the services offered. In addition to the most important Congresses that take place in Florida and Las Vegas, these smaller formats have allowed A4M expand its presence spreading the benefits of healthy aging in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, China, Middle East and Indonesia.

The AMMG (Age Management Medicine Group) was created in 2000 as an alternative to fill this market niche and the raising demand of moderate-sized medical conferences focused on the anti-aging industry. Annually, there are two Congresses held in April and November in which professionals from diverse medical branches participate.