Although the United States maintains a strong position in the anti-aging medicine field, locating the highest number of anti-aging congresses internationally, the quick spread of anti-aging medicine in other parts of the world has given birth to multiple events outside of this country.

In Europe, each country has developed its local association to promote anti-aging medicine. Thus, the GSAAM (Germany Society of Anti-Aging Medicine) organises an annual congress in Munich at the beginning of May. Similarly, the BSAAM (British Society of Anti-Aging Medicine) organises the Anti-Aging Conference London in the United Kingdom every October. Similarly, the Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine World Congress (AMWC) has scheduled their 2018 congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Anti aging congreses and telomere testingIn Spain, the top specialists gather in the annual Congress of SEMAL (Spanish Antiaging Medicine and Longevity Society) each October. This year, Valencia will host the 18th edition of this event.

South America´s importance in the global anti-aging scene keeps going up, where they place special emphasis on aesthetics. For instance, several editions of ICAD (International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology and Healthy Aging Medicine) have been held in Brazil. Colombia has also hosted the regional congresses of the Latin-American branch of the AMWC.

As an interesting fact, ones should be aware of that the term ‘anti-aging medicine’ is not used all over the world. In some areas, such as the Middle East, the most common word used is ‘family medicine’. In others, the combination of other medical fields has created synergies that result in a wider spread of anti-aging practices. In a nutshell, an ever increasing expansion at an international scale.