There are certain pleasures in life that we are obliged to indulge in. No one will deny that drinking cool water when we are dying of thirst in summer or lying on the couch when we come back from a long walk are necessities that, like laughing, we love.

Laughter is guilty of many uncomfortable moments, such as when we laugh at a comment that is not intended to be funny; or when you get kicked out of class (or your niece’s communion, it all depends on your age) for not having held in a laugh when you should have kept quiet. But, above all, laughter has many positive effects on the body and from Life Length we tell you some of them:


It reactivates the respiratory system

When we laugh our respiratory system is stimulated, since laughter is the result of alternate cuts of the exhalation of breath. That is to say, when we laugh we alter our way of breathing, making the process more interrupted, but accelerated. We propose then a good dose of jokes as a cure against apnea or asthma, we do not know if it will work, but it sounds fun. 


It reduces anxiety and stress

Laughing helps to reduce stress, the tension of a forced elevator conversation and anxiety. While we can see our heart rate increase when we start laughing, we also notice how quickly it drops when we stop laughing. That’s when we feel a sense of physical relaxation that helps alleviate stress. So you know, the solution to not eating your nails is to laugh out loud, whether you relax or not, it is impossible to eat your nails with your mouth open. 


It strengthens the immune system

We all know that of the 7 dwarfs Grumpy was the one who got sick the most. The question is: why? Well, it has been proven that people who laugh at least 15 times a day have a stronger immune system, which is due to the fact that when we laugh we produce endorphins. This hormone, associated with happiness and pleasure, increases the production of T-cells and NK cells (Natural Killer). Therefore, laughing several times a day keeps our body well protected against infectious diseases.


It favors the circulatory system

Laughter favors the dilation of the blood vessels, which allows more blood to circulate and reach the organs and tissues. It is quite interesting to note that in stressful situations our body’s response is the opposite, producing a narrowing of the blood vessels. What is clear to us is that it will still be worthwhile to have marathons of the Alien or Saw saga despite the fact that it is not good for our health.


It has an analgesic effect

Addiction to opioid painkillers is really easy to develop. What if we told you that laughing out loud produces endorphins? Endorphin is a neurotransmitter that produces effects in the body similar to those of synthetic opioids and therefore acts as a natural painkiller. In this case, there is no need to worry because it does not generate addiction, so it only has positive effects on our organism. It is forbidden to say that “it hurts to laugh” because in reality we are generating natural painkillers.


Different physical benefits

Laughing out loud has numerous and different benefits in our organism that, although minor, we could not resist telling you about. When we laugh we exercise our body, we tense several muscles of the head and the abdominal area, which also favors digestion. Besides helping us to go to the bathroom better, to lose weight and to strengthen some of our muscles, it helps to decongest our nose and ears. This is due to the fact that when we laugh there is an extraordinary opening of the respiratory tract, which allows the mucus and earwax to be released more easily.


It facilitates communication

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Awkward, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be the festival of humor, but it sure makes the situation go better if at some point there is a shared laugh. We have already mentioned in the previous sections the physical effects that laughter produces in our organism and now we have to address the social component. There are cases in which laughter leads to uncomfortable and even unpleasant situations. However, in most cases, laughing generates closeness, relieves the atmosphere of tension and allows to connect two people who either laugh at the same thing, or act as sender and receiver of a message that is intended to be funny. In the latter case, the best gift they can give us when we tell a joke is to respond with a genuine laugh.


Laughing makes you more beautiful or handsome

We admit it’s not true, but it does make you more attractive. Personal well-being allows us to project the best image of ourselves. In addition to its many physical benefits, it helps us to alleviate the symptoms of depression, to face our fears and to have higher self-esteem. 


In conclusion: laughing is not only pleasant, it is good for your body. A bad joke, a funny fall or watching Friends for the fifth time is scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health. A happy and joyful life does not guarantee you a longer life, but it does guarantee a better one.