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Frequently Asked Questions about the Biological Age Test – HealthTAV

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions aboutour Biological Age test – HealthTAV

Some basic concepts:

What is a chromosome?2022-06-09T13:25:15+02:00

Our genes are grouped within structures known as chromosomes, which are formed in order to protect our DNA, especially during cell division.

What is DNA?2022-06-09T13:26:33+02:00

It is the molecule included in each of our cells, which contains the genetic and hereditary information necessary for the proper functioning of all vital functions. The DNA is duplicated in each cell division, creating two identical cells, which retain all the information of the original cell.

Genetic information is contained in smaller sequences called genes. These genes will be read and translated into proteins, which are responsible for carrying out the orders contained in the DNA.

DNA is the most important molecule in our body.

What are telomeres and why do they get shorter?2022-06-09T13:59:52+02:00

Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, which act as a protective shield for the genetic material. With each cell division there is a progressive shortening of the telomeres, which leads to a reduction in DNA protection, and therefore to cell death, which is directly related to the aging process of a human being.

For this reason, the length of telomeres can be considered as a biological clock, being one of the best biomarkers of aging.

I am interested in taking the HealthTAV Biological Age Test, what should I do?

In case you are a doctor…2022-06-09T13:56:51+02:00

You can order our kits through our portal, where you can benefit from our volume purchase discounts, as well as access all the Results Reports of your patients.

If you have any doubts or questions about how you can take the test, you can contact us by email, by writing to, or by phone, by calling the number 917 37 12 98.

In case you are a patient…2022-06-09T13:58:44+02:00

And if you are in Madrid or have no problem getting there, the easiest option is to take the test directly at our clinic at Paseo del General Martínez Campos 46, and our nursing team will draw the blood sample we need.

The purchase procedure is as follows:

  • Visit our website
  • Register and select the HealthTAV® test (the last one).
  • Select date and time for your appointment (you will see that there is a lot of availability).
  • Enter your data.
  • Make the payment of your test.


How valid is our Biological Age test?2022-06-09T13:47:07+02:00

Life Length is a world leader in telomere measurement and is accredited with US federal certification. CLIA, as well as the international certification ISO 15189.

Our technique (based on qFISH) provides more reliable and precise information in the study of telomeric variables, compared to the qPCR technique, the most common on the market.

Life Length has developed its own database from patient samples of all age ranges. This information is compared with the values ​​of each patient in each of the measured telomeric variables, which are included in our own algorithm for determining Biological Age.

I am a doctor, how can the Biological Age test help my patients?2022-06-09T13:48:10+02:00

Whether you want to assess the state of health or ageing, or if you want to study the impact of a disease or the treatments your patients receive, performing our test regularly can help you in your clinical practice, improving diagnosis and reducing therapeutic errors.

The Life Length Biological Age test reinforces clinical decision making in the early detection of certain diseases and in risk stratification. With this information, a doctor can measure and monitor the level to which the aging process is affected by lifestyle and certain interventions and treatments.

In which countries do we offer the test? What can I do if the test is not available in my country?2022-06-09T13:49:13+02:00

We offer the test in more than 35 countries, among which are: the entire European Union; USA; Canada; Mexico; Colombia; Argentina; India; Indonesia and Japan.

In the event that you are in a country other than those already mentioned, write to us at and we will explain what options are available to you.

What will you find in our Biological Age test kit?2022-06-09T13:50:04+02:00

Our kit includes everything you need to take the sample: a 10 ml tube of K2 EDTA blood; a gel pack; a bag for biological samples; an isothermal box and instructions. The only thing that has an expiration date is the blood tube, which has a viability of one year.

In addition, it is not necessary to fast for the sample collection, and it is not recommended to extract the sample if you are suffering from a cold, flu or fever, as it could alter the results.

What do I have to do to send my blood sample? When can I send the sample?2022-06-09T13:51:25+02:00

You just have to contact our logistics department at least 24 hours before the extraction, and we will take care of organizing the collection of your sample and sending it to our laboratory.

Keep in mind that the extraction of the sample can only be scheduled from Monday to Thursday, so that we have time to take it to our laboratory before the weekend, avoiding delays in shipment.

In the event that you go to our clinic to take a sample, you will not have to worry about collecting it.

In addition, you can consult the calendar of our laboratory here.

How long does it take to deliver results reports?2022-06-09T13:51:57+02:00

Result Reports are delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after sample collection or receipt.

How often is it recommended to repeat the Biological Age test?2022-06-09T13:52:43+02:00

We recommend repeating the test every 12 months, although periods of 6 months are considered sufficient to observe changes in the length of your telomeres.

Also, if you have experienced changes in your lifestyle or are undergoing certain medical treatments, it may be possible to observe changes in your telomeres in shorter periods of time.

Can I improve my test results?2022-06-09T13:53:45+02:00

Of course! The quality of your telomeres largely depends on your lifestyle, and there are plenty of habits you can adopt to take better care of yourself.

Life Length will accompany you along the path to a healthier life. Our medical team will give you totally personalized guidelines for you, and that will help you take better care of yourself and prevent future illnesses.

Why is our Biological Age test the most reliable on the market?2022-06-09T13:54:51+02:00

Because the technology we use (and that we have patented) is the most precise on the market.

Contrary to the majority of the industry, which uses qPCR technology for telomere analysis, our test is based on the HT-qFISH technique, which allows us to carry out a much more precise analysis by providing a complete study of the critically short telomeres of our body, the most important when it comes to preventing possible diseases related to aging.

How can the Biological Age test help me?2022-06-09T13:55:52+02:00

The telomere measurement test offers us a snapshot of the current state of our body and how our lifestyle habits and our genetics have influenced the aging of our body.

Through the analysis of telomeric variables, we will calculate an estimate of your Biological Age, regardless of what your date of birth is.

With this information you can take an active part in your aging process and its slowing down. Delaying aging means delaying the appearance of diseases related to it, such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, certain types of cancer or cardiovascular diseases, and being able to take the first steps towards an optimal quality of life for longer.

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