Post-surgery patient health might be related to donor’s white blood cell and their telomere length

Longer telomere length in white blood cells from unrelated donors has been linked to increased longevity of life

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Scientists discover the secret to telomere extension

Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered a new procedure which can quickly increase

19 May 2015 2 Comments

Mild infections can have major impact on telomere length and biological age

A study at Lund University in Sweden on malaria-infected migratory birds found that mild infections without

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How telomere science can be used to defeat cancerous cells?

A study by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University has delved into what causes cancer cells´

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Telomeres go beyond the role of protecting chromosomes

The primary function of the telomeres, the random DNA sequences on the ends of chromosomes, is to act as protective

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A CNIO study links telomere length with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis

Scientific investigators continue searching for the answer to understand why telomeres so heavily influence the

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Welcome to Life Length Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to Life Length´s new blog! Life Length is the world leading service provider in

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Telomere Looping Flips the Switch on Gene Expression

A team of scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have recently discovered a potential

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