Intermittent fasting and cellular aging

Several studies carried out in recent years have indicated that reducing and combining meals in well-defined time

26 March 2020 2 Comments

Gene therapy and telomerase

Telomerase is an enzyme that actively participates in the lengthening of telomeres by partly recovering the DNA

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Telomere Length and Nutrition

We already know that the telomere length is a key biomarker of our tissue renewal capacity and therefore an

24 January 2020 2 Comments

From theory to practice in Data Analysis

As the final stages of different studies draw near, it becomes necessary to process all the data gathered, in

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Telomere’s role in male idiophatic infertility

We have already touched one of the greatest problems of nowadays society in our ONCOCHECK blog: infertility.

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Stem cells, IPSC and the role of telomeres

For many years, a strong relationship between stem cells and telomeres has been studied and stablished. Stem cells

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The impact of air pollution on our health and telomeres

Air pollution is an ever-growing problem affecting all countries in the world and it has become one of the main

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It is widely known in the scientific community that critically short telomeres are often involved in age related

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