Longevity: when does old age start?

As health conditions and associated factors improve, life expectancy of worldwide population increases notoriously.

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Anti-Aging Congresses outside the United States

Although the United States maintains a strong position in the anti-aging medicine field, locating the highest

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The evolution of the Anti-Aging industry

The rise of life expectancy of developed societies is generating a revolution in medicine, because it is not

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Health span: is healthcare redirecting its traditional objectives?

According to the international health indicators, one of the most used measures to know the quality of life of a

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Celebrating DNA International Day

A paper published in the journal Nature drew the attention of international scientific community on April 25, 1953.

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Prevention and diagnosis as a first step in anti-aging therapies

The moment when an individual visits their doctor´s clinic for a consultation can be considered as one of most

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World Health Day 2018 and healthy aging

On 7 April 1948, the World Health Organization was created in New York. Therefore, 70 years later, the

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A4M Anti-Aging Congresses (USA)

The global rise of anti-aging medicine has given rise to numerous congresses and conferences where speakers give

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