COVID-21 is still with us: 10 doubts to clear this year (vaccines, news and predictions)

When we all thought that the new year would give us back many of the things that COVID-19 had taken from us,

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Influenza or COVID? The new Multi-Diagnostic PCR test is now available in Madrid (questions and answers)

You wake up on a Monday and you begin to feel muscle ache and a strong itch in your throat. You quickly remember

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Rapid Antigens Test: the 10 most common questions (and our answers)

 The best way to protect and take care of our loved ones and the most vulnerable is by doing the same: much,

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ELISA test for COVID-19, we clear 10 of the most common doubts

ELISA tests make it possible to detect with high precision the presence of antibodies in the blood of patients.

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The 10 most common questions about the rapid antibody test

Although it seems that we know almost everything about COVID 19, both when it comes to preventing it and when it

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With friends and family: saying no can save lives

Wikipedia says that a vice is any practice, conduct or habit that is considered a fault, a defect, an illness or a

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Increasingly as we move into the 21st century, humanity is globally more and more aware of the importance of

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The COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan (China) in December 2019 and the quick spread of the virus has  changed the

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