Key Methodologies for Telomere Length Measurement

I was about time that we refreshed information about telomere measurement technologies. We have recently received

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What is biological age, why it matters, and how to find it out?

How many candles did you blow on your last birthday? Okay, here is another question: how many should you actually

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Anti-Aging Tips from a Chiropractor

People have been obsessed with staying young for almost all of recorded history. As the medical profession finds

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6 comprehensive and engaging ways to learn even more about telomeres

In response to a high demand from our audience curious to know more about telomeres, their conservation and tips

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Which type of physical exercise works better for telomere length?

Nowadays, more people are joining the healthy lifestyle club through a balanced diet, less stress and more

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Meditation as an essential tool to protect your telomeres

Within the factors that contribute to telomere shortening or lengthening, stress plays an essential role. Several

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Telomere length and aging: 5 ways to maintain healthy telomeres

Telomere length and its biology is a concept still pretty much unknow for the vast majority of people, even

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Anti-aging food and diet: myth or reality?

Let´s get a little bit more technical exploring the relationship between diet and aging, while telomere testing

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