Telomere length and aging: 5 ways to maintain healthy telomeres

Telomere length and its biology is a concept still pretty much unknow for the vast majority of people, even

26 November 2018 10 Comments

Anti-aging food and diet: myth or reality?

Let´s get a little bit more technical exploring the relationship between diet and aging, while telomere testing

15 October 2018 5 Comments

Telomere testing at its best in RAADfest 2018

Life Length will be participating in this year´s RAADfest 2018 congress held from the 20th – 23rd of September in

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Testing your telomere length and biological age for a healthy future

This blog post, analyzing the potential of telomere length measurement, reproduces an article published on February

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Longevity: when does old age start?

As health conditions and associated factors improve, life expectancy of worldwide population increases notoriously.

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Anti-Aging Congresses outside the United States

Although the United States maintains a strong position in the anti-aging medicine field, locating the highest

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The evolution of the Anti-Aging industry

The rise of life expectancy of developed societies is generating a revolution in medicine, because it is not

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Health span: is healthcare redirecting its traditional objectives?

According to the international health indicators, one of the most used measures to know the quality of life of a

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