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Road to immortality?

One of the great desires of mankind is eternal life. Texts like the Bible or the Sumerian clay tablets speak of

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Aging well to live better, the example of Robert Marchand

With 105 years and a vitality that surprises everyone, the Frenchman Robert Marchand has just beat the world record

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Living in space might reverse the aging processes by better maintaining telomere length

Does living in space adversely affect our life span? Although many people believe formally in this statement,

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Outrunning ageing and cancer: the role of telomere analysis

With years of experience focusing on telomere analysis and diagnostics, Life Length proves that ageing and cancer

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Protecting your telomere from shortening in the Summer

On sunny days, even if it is not very hot, we fancy lying out in the sun to enjoy the feeling of wellness and to

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Depression can shorten your telomeres

A meta-analysis published this year in the Journal of Affective Disorders has demonstrated a substantial link

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Telomere length and Mediterranean diet: a love story

Does your diet consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and grains? What about your olive oil  and fish,

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Telomere Test: how to get your Life Length´s TAT kit

Interested in finding out your biological age and getting a better understanding of your aging process? We’ll

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