International Women’s Day: stress and telomere length

Nowadays, the presence of women in the labor market is almost taken for granted. However, not so long ago, it was

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Wellness centers: adding value through health and anti aging services

The wellness industry is becoming more complex, mainly due to its positive growth outlook and its wide range of

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Telomeres: biomarkers in cancer?

Cancer is regarded as the disease of the 21st century as its incidence has been increasing during the last years.

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Mesothelioma: A Concern for Seniors

As we begin 2018, we find ourselves at the pinnacle of medical research, healthcare technology, and wellbeing

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Aging process and the relevance of telomeres in it

Why do we get older? Is the aging process an unstoppable dynamic or can be fought against? Those questions are of

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Does it exist a link between stem cells and telomere length?

Stem cell treatments improve with telomere length measurements   In 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn, Jack

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Clinical use of telomere length measurement and analysis

Despite the increasing echo that preventive medicine has in mass media, telomere length biology remains still

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The potential of telomere anlaysis: Helping people to live longer lives

Life Length was featured on the TV program ‘Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.’, which was aired on FOX Business a few

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