Aging process and the relevance of telomeres in it

Why do we get older? Is the aging process an unstoppable dynamic or can be fought against? Those questions are of

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Does it exist a link between stem cells and telomere length?

Stem cell treatments improve with telomere length measurements   In 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn, Jack

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Clinical use of telomere length measurement and analysis

Despite the increasing echo that preventive medicine has in mass media, telomere length biology remains still

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The potential of telomere anlaysis: Helping people to live longer lives

Life Length was featured on the TV program ‘Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.’, which was aired on FOX Business a few

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Taking care of our heart is our best investment

One out of every three deaths that occurs each year in developed countries is linked to CVD, making them one of the

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The value of genetic tests for diseases detection

Health is an issue that concerns all of us, possibly being the most valuable asset we have. However, until now, we

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Road to immortality?

One of the great desires of mankind is eternal life. Texts like the Bible or the Sumerian clay tablets speak of

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Aging well to live better, the example of Robert Marchand

With 105 years and a vitality that surprises everyone, the Frenchman Robert Marchand has just beat the world record

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