Biotech / Pharma

A wide range of companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors have found considerable value in our biomarkers.

  • A perfect tool for cell line evaluation and monitoring
  • An easily applied indicator for the research of any therapy
  • Associated with most age related diseases
  • The most important biomarker for cell senescence

Some of our research fields are:

  • Cancer
  • Cell therapies/ Regenerative Medicine
  • Infertility
  • Cardiovascular

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Telomerase supplements

Telomere supplements



The only company worldwide offering full in vitro telomere studies for compound screening.

  • Show the positive effect of your nutraceuticals on telomeres
  • Add a new dimension to the health benefits of your supplements
  • Give new competitive advantage to your brands
  • Numerous publications demonstrate the impact of many micronutrients on telomeres

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Cosmeceuticals, Nutricosmetics and Telomeres have a common denominator: ANTI-AGING.

  • Scientifically demonstrate the anti-aging potential of your products
  • Define anti-aging from a new perspective
  • Our technologies are ideal for screening any type of cosmeceutical / nutricosmetic
  • Reveal the true value of your brands to the world

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Telomere therapy

Telomeres and stem cells



Through our innovative technologies we have the capacity to measure telomere variables for practically any animal model.

  • Telomere length is directly associated with animal longevity
  • The faster rate of telomere shortening in animals affects their lifespan compared to humans
  • Nutrition and supplementation can have a significant impact on aging through telomere biology
  • Animal health studies would greatly benefit from our innovative biomarkers

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