In vitro Studies 

Our in vitro studies are ideal for investigating the effect of any compound or product on telomeres.



  • Only a small amount of your compound is required
  • Robust results in only a few weeks
  • Fully conducted in our CLIA and ISO certified laboratory
  • Ideal for any product / active ingredient screening



  • Toxicity Assay
  • Telomere Length Assay TAT®
  • Telomerase activity Assay Q-TRAP
  • Conducted on primary cell lines
  • Customized culture conditions
  • Measurements at different time points
  • Statistical analysis of the results


Human telomeres study


In vivo telomeres study

Clinical and Animal Studies

Innovative and accurate biomarkers for your R&D portfolio.


  • Telomeres are associated with most age related diseases
  • Our Telomere assays are easily incorporated into any human or animal study
  • Proof of efficacy for therapies or interventions
  • Ideal for monitoring cell cultures targeted for cell-based therapies



  • Your treated and control samples can be directly sent to our laboratory
  • Measure telomere variables in any type of cell
  • Determination of multiple telomere associated variables
  • Expertise in processing various types of samples (single cell suspensions, tissues, etc.)
  • Statistical analysis of the results