COVID Cellular Immunity Test

New COVID Cellular Immunity Test (ELISPOT) for €199

COVID Cellular Immune Test + PCR: €309 €299 /person
COVID Cellular Immune Test + ELISA IgG post-vaccination test: €234 €224 /person
COVID Cellular Immune Test + Antigens Test: €249 €239 /person

Additional supplementary fee on weekends, a day preceding a holiday and holidays:

PCR test +€15 /person

We are open every-day 7 days a week*

*Except December 25 and January 1, 2022.

Now take advantage of our discount for group testing

FAMILIA8 – 8% discount coupon for purchases between €221 and €439
FAMILIA12 – 12% discount coupon for purchases above €440
Both applicable in the purchase process and making a single payment. 

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Life Length COVID Cellular Immunity Test service is centrally located in Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 46, Madrid, from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to which, if desired, the ELISA test may also be performed. 

The COVID Cellular Immunity Test (ELISPOT) that we offer in Madrid is quantitative, that is, it indicates the amount of cytokines in blood that you have against the virus. It requires a small blood collection.

We analize this test on Mondays only, and the results will be sent only on Fridays after 8:00 pm regardless of the day the test was performed and will be available in Spanish and English.

You can see here a Cellular Immunity Test report, an ELISA sample report, and also a Post Vaccine ELISA IgG report.

Keep your loved ones and yourself safe, book your test appointment now

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