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Life Length<span class="superindice">®</span> Telomere test (TAT) available in The Netherlands

14 Mar Life Length® Telomere test (TAT) available in The Netherlands

Life Length announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Dutch company Pregenius to begin offering the Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT) test in The Netherlands. Pregenius will act as Life Length’s commercial partner as well as handling sample collection to Life Length’s laboratories in Madrid for analysis. Ton Stout, MD Pregenius, stated, “Lifestyle and dietary habits as well as stress, heredity and environmental factors affect on the rate of telomere attrition and subsequently our aging process. Measuring critically short telomeres and comparing the biological age versus chronological age can encourage people to take healthy decisions that can improve their quality of life and eventually prolong their lifespan.” Stephen J. Matlin, Life Length’s CEO remarked, “We are delighted to be able to offer our test in The Netherlands through our agreement with Pregenius. We believe that this test will become standard in checks-up and preventive healthcare. Dutch doctors can now incorporate Life Length’s telomere test easily into their practice.” He continued, “Life Length measures each individual telomere with enormous precision. Currently, all other approaches provide far less precise estimates of average telomere length which offer limited utility and insight. Life Length’s approach has the advantage of measuring the percentage of critically short telomeres, which are responsible for cell senescence and aging and also contribute to the emergence of age-related diseases. We believe this is very important for preventative and personalized medicine.” Pregenius provides the TAT test with an additional medical consultation.


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