Telomere length test and diagnostics


Clinical applications of telomere testing

Place yourself at the forefront of health & wellness and help your patients understand life expectancy like never before with telomere length analysis. Telomere testing is a valuable emerging diagnostic tool within the area of functional, preventive and personalized medicine with a wide number of clinical applications including:

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Overall cellular health biomarker

  • Telomere length is a biomarker of an individual’s overall health
  • A key effectivity parameter for programs and treatments designed to optimize and promote healthy aging
  • Real insight into a patient’s aging process

Clinical telomere testing

Tailored & more accurate medicine

  • Measurable control over patients’ health and aging rate
  • Tailored treatments and more accurate medical decisions
  • Measurable improvements by telomere length monitoring

clinical telomere testing

Early detection & risk management

  • Early detection of age-related diseases
  • Risk stratification combined with patients’ medical history
  • Prognosis determination 

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What is Life Length’s TAT®?

Life Length’s TAT® is the only assay that measures over 100,000 individual telomeres chromosome-by-chromosome in tenths of thousands of cells in order to provide a comprehensive picture of cellular health. Our extensive, patient-friendly results report is thorough and easy to interpret and understand.


Life Length’s telomere test gives you two types of information for managing your patient’s health:

The distribution of individual telomeres in a sample including the percentage of critically short telomeres.

And the rate of telomere attrition when used on a longitudinal basis.

Telomeres preventive medicine

Partnering with Life Length

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Draw the blood and send the sample to our laboratory or to our network of partner labs.

Step 3

Ask your patients to fill out the questionnaire and just wait for an e-mail informing you that the results report is available to download from the Physician Portal.

Use the test results as a tool to design a more personalized preventive health plan. Test once to get the baseline and re-test annually to monitor the evolution of your patients’ results and aging rate.

How to explain Life Length’s TAT Results Report to your patients

Watch this video to discover how to explain the TAT Results Report to your patients.


Download the guide to Telomere Analysis

How to read telomere analysis tests. Understanding and interpreting results. Insight on what lifestyles changes and therapies to recommend according to an individual’s biological age and aging rate.


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