We have fast-paced lives, we are always short of time. This high pace forces us to be selective with those things we can do and those others that we banish with a “I’ll do it when I can”. We ourselves are victims of this status quo and that is why we propose several changes that you can incorporate into your life and will not cost you more than 15 minutes a day:



A correct diet is the pillar on which our good health is built. It is as important as breathing or drinking water, so it must be balanced and complete. Getting into the habit of eating right involves both eating a balanced diet and eating all the recommended meals a day. Plan your day taking into account that you have to carry out these five breaks. So, for example, get up for work early enough to have breakfast.



No living being can live without water. In fact, 70% of our brain is composed of it and 60% of the total mass of our body as well. Through breathing, urine and even our own skin, the body loses fluids. It is important to keep the body hydrated so that it can function properly, as some functions such as body temperature regulation would be affected by dehydration. There are two ways to get water into our body: drinking fluids and eating food. Fruits and vegetables are foods that have a high water content and are therefore hydrating foods.


Avoid toxic substances.

No one can be surprised that the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other types of drugs is detrimental to health. They are toxic substances that destroy our organism and generate dependence, which can end up affecting the personal life of those who consume them. Only moderate consumption of some alcoholic beverages, such as wine or beer, is recommended, which can benefit us if we incorporate them in small quantities with our meals.



Sleeping well is important in order to face the day. The body needs rest to perform optimally and avoid premature aging. It is advisable to sleep around 8 hours a day, but this figure can be higher or lower depending on each person. In addition, lack of sleep can develop different problems such as headaches, difficulty concentrating or increased susceptibility to mental illness. There are different factors that affect our rest, from our personal life situation to purely chemical reasons that have to do with suffering from other pathologies. In any case, the best thing to do is to establish a schedule and organize your life considering that you have to sleep enough hours before getting up the next day.



Hygiene is essential to maintain a good state of health in both the short and long term and depends on a multitude of different actions. Oral health, for example, depends to a large extent on the cleanliness of the mouth. Therefore, brushing your teeth is one of the actions mentioned above, as is showering and washing your hands regularly. In fact, with proper hand washing we could avoid the transmission of about 20% of respiratory diseases. But keep in mind that if you abuse the disinfectant gel by cleaning your hands compulsively, it will damage the epidermis in that area, leading to dryness, irritation and even wounds. On the other hand, keeping your spaces clean and not contributing, as far as possible, to dirtying places shared with other people (whether they are common or public areas), are ways to help your health and the health of those around you.


Mental health.

The World Health Organization treats mental health as “an integral and essential component of health.” It also says that it depends not only on suffering from diseases or disorders, but also on “physical, social and mental well-being. It is true that a multitude of factors affect and intervene in our psychological state, but it is important to work on ourselves so that they affect us as little as possible. Having a healthy social life and dedicating yourself to your hobbies or exercising are some things that can help you live a happier life and release stress.




Exercising is a healthy habit that will improve your life significantly. Regular practice provides several benefits including building muscle mass or slowing muscle deterioration; increasing self-esteem as the body becomes stronger; and releasing stress. It must be taken into account that the exercises to be performed must be totally personalized, which means that there are some that are beneficial for certain people and, at the same time, harmful for others. The physical conditions of each person will determine how their training will be. So, although the activity may seem undemanding, the important thing is to carry it out and avoid becoming sedentary. To exercise we can change certain habits such as walking or cycling when possible. However, this is the only habit on our list that we recommend setting aside some time for. Training 15 minutes a day will burn fat, build muscle and, among other things, increase your mental agility.


There are no more excuses, the change is simple: a quarter of an hour in exchange for a simply better life.