Life Length was featured on the TV program ‘Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., which was aired on FOX Business a few days ago. As was highlighted, Life Length is the only company in the world that measure telomeres at the sub-cellular level, chromosome by chromosome, which is the most relevant indicator of telomere dysfunction and aging. This differentiating factor sets this telomere analysis technology at the forefront of the industry by the unmatchable accuracy level that provides.

As the program illustrated, telomeres play a fundamental role in the mechanism that regulates and controls cell viability, consequently also reflecting on how a person is aging and how both telomere length and the rate of telomere attrition are important biomarkers for not only for evaluating the speed of organismal aging but also serve to assess the risks of developing age-related and chronic disease such as heart disease, adult diabetes and certain cancers, among others.

Life Length’s senior management clearly explained why the aging process does not affect all people equally, due to three main factors: genetic inheritance, environmental factors and lifestyle. In this sense, TAT® (Telomere Analysis Technology®), a proprietary technology of Life Length, is capable of measuring the percentage of short telomeres in individual cells and measures the length of thousands of individual telomeres to reveal a person’s cellular or biological age.

One of the main conclusion of the program (which can be seen here: Life Length on FOX Business) is that the TAT is a valuable diagnostic assay for early identification of disease, as it contributes to risk stratification affording the opportunity to adopt lifestyle changes that can ameliorate or avoid the onset of these pathologies in the future. In this context, TAT results provide medical information that helps the doctor help their patients to not only increase their life expectancy but to increase their quality of life and health span.