Raising The Bar In Preventive Medicine: Healthy Aging Leader Cenegenics Offers Life Length’s Telomere Test

9 August 2018
Telomere test Cenegenics

|08 FEBRUARY 2012|

Life Length, the leading telomere testing and services company, announced an agreement with Cenegenics Medical Institute to offer the test to its more than 20,000 patients—including 2,000 doctors and their families—through its nationwide network of 19 facilities and 100 physician affiliates.

Stephen J. Matlin, CEO, Life Length said, “We are delighted to partner with Cenegenics, the world’s largest age management practice and recognized leading authority in their field, helping patients age healthily through proactive, preventive medicine. Life Length’s test will help raise the bar further since telomeres are best predictors of biological age and excellent general health indicators.

Through Cenegenics, the Life Length Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT) will become a key test of age management.” Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr., Cenegenics’ Chief Medical Officer, noted, “We are pleased to partner with Life Length to provide extremely accurate analyses of critically short telomeres, those primarily responsible for aging and age-related diseases. We will encourage all our patients to be tested regularly to assess one of the best biomarkers and determine their biological versus chronological age. The test will expand a patient’s health evaluation and take age management to the next level.”

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