9 August 2018
Telomere and telomerase test Labco

|05 OCTOBER 2011|

  • To carry out the telomere measurement tests in Spain and Portugal
  • LABCO and Sistemas Genómicos will market this test to the public through hospital groups, clinics and health centers

Life Length, the new biotechnology company dedicated to the measurement of telomere length, has announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with SYNLAB to carry out the telomere measurement tests for the markets of Spain and Portugal. In a second stage, Life Length will replicate this model to cover the markets of continental Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA. and other strategic markets.

This service is offered to the public wishing to take advantage of this important biotechnological advance through general practitioners and preventive check-ups in hospital groups, private clinics and health, wellness and anti-aging centers. Said telomere measurement service may be requested by the general public, starting next October.

Telomeres, which are the ends of chromosomes, are the best known measure of biological age, as opposed to chronological. Telomeres are essential to maintain the regenerative capacity of different tissues and organs, so that when they are shortened below a critical length, the organism will age.

There is scientific evidence on the close relationship between a high percentage of short telomeres and the risk of developing diseases associated with aging (cancer, infertility, Alzheimer’s, …) Similarly, lifestyle (nutritional habits, obesity, physical exercise, …) influence in the length of the telomeres. Therefore, the measurement of telomeres is an important indicator of the state of health of the organism and can be used to estimate the biological age of the same.

Life Length uses the technique developed by Dr. María Blasco in the CNIO (with which Life Length has an exclusive assignment agreement of the exploitation right thereof) that measures each telomere individually – cell by cell – with an enormous precision and, therefore, it provides information on short telomeres at the level of individual cells, which is of the utmost importance in the fields of cellular aging and aging. This technique is the most advanced that exists worldwide and is only available through Life Length.

Based on this agreement, LABCO and Sistemas Genómicos will interface between the doctors and Life Length. This will strengthen both the privacy and the protection of patient data. Likewise, the new Life Length partners will be responsible for training physicians on the interpretation, scope and usefulness of the telomere measurement tests of their patients.

On the other hand, this agreement will make it possible to generalize in Spain and Portugal the performance of this test by the general public. Stephen J. Matlin, Managing Director of Life Length commented, “This agreement for the realization of the telomere measurement tests with clinical analysis laboratories of the category of LABCO and Sistemas Genómicos represents an important milestone in the development of Life Length. In this way, we guarantee to be able to offer the market the best technology and the best service “.

Albert Summaroca, Managing Director of LABCO and Lorena Saus, Councilor for Genomic Systems, commented, “The length of telomeres is a good indicator of the degree of aging of an organism. Therefore, it is important to have molecular markers (different from chronological age) that can estimate the degree of aging of an organism. This information can be very useful to predict the premature development of certain age-related diseases and try to minimize this risk by modifying the lifestyle. “

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