Life Length granted the E.U. Horizon 2020 SME Phase I

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E.U. Horizon 2020 SME Telomere Test

|24 JULY 2015|

Life Length has been awarded the prestigious Horizon 2020 SME Phase I in the area of Clinical Validation of Diagnostics and Biomarkers. Only 5% of the more than 2,900 projects submitted received funding and allows for the submission of the Phase II to secure funds of up to €5 million for the ONCOCHECK project.

The ultimate objective of the ONCOCHECK project is to bring Life Length proprietary Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT) to the healthcare market as a powerful solution for cancer monitoring consisting of a simple blood test that will allow oncologists the evaluation of disease progression in patients affected by the great majority of cancers, with no distinction between hematological or solid tumors. Our test will be based on the determination of telomere length in peripheral blood, which is a cancer biomarker that has been identified in the great majority of cancers.

The ONCOCHECK test will offer to the healthcare community a test that is simpler (blood test), less costly (<200€/test) and more effective (regular monitoring will lead to improved efficiency) as an alternative to other cancer monitoring alternatives that are expensive(€2,000-€5,000), complex (need for specialized and very expensive equipment) and less effective (impossible to be performed regularly) imaging techniques conventionally used in the clinic. Moreover, the great advantage of the ONCOCHECK tests over other newly developed competing blood tests based on validated biomarkers is that ONCOCHECK will serve for monitoring all types of cancer, while competing biomarker based solutions are useful only for a specific cancer/tumor.

Therefore, Life Length’s test will offer a universal solution for cancer monitoring, with no competitors offering a similar approach.

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