Taking part in Longevity World Forum 2018

9 October 2018 Leave your Thoughts
Longevity World Forum Telomere testing

In November 7th and 8th Life Length will participate in Longevity World Forum 2018, Europe’s first congress about Longevity and Genomics. This event will take place in the Palace of Congresses of Valencia.

The Longevity World Forum was born as a meeting point for the scientific community, academics and industry, so that specialists from different fields can share their advances about human longevity, as well as develop new therapies with the objective of increasing life expectancy and improve its quality.

In order to enhance the life quality and the prevention of the ailments associated to aging, the forum has gathered world leaders of the scientific community and has organized networking round tables with the more distinguished speakers and the visiting public. All in all, Longevity World Forum is conceived as a new space for experts to collaborate and develop knowledge around the longevity field.

Outstanding scientist will speak during the event, including Lissette Otero, our Chief Medical Officer. Moreover, there will be presentations of the lastest technologies developed in Biomedicine and Biopharmacology applied to precision medicine.

Visit us there and keep an eye on our Twitter account to stay updated @Lifelength!


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