Life Length announces 3 million euro investment and Joint Venture with the Japanese Yamada Bee Farm

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Yamada Bee Company Telomere

|10 MARCH 2014|

Life Length, the world’s leading telomere testing company announced today that it has closed a €3 million investment from Japanese multinational, Yamada Bee Company, as well as an exclusive Joint Venture (JV) for the commercialization of Life Length’s telomere testing and measurement services in Japan. €1.5 million has been invested directly in Life Length and €1.5 million has been committed to the JV in which Life Length will own 51% and Yamada 49%.

Based on the concept of “preventive medicine,” Yamada Bee Company is a privately-held branded manufacturer of health products, cosmetics and food founded in 1948. Yamada invests heavily in R&D through a research network in Japan and internationally in developing products aimed at improving physical and mental health and helping its customers to live longer and healthier lives. Yamada recorded 2013 sales of over $450 million and its brand is nationally recognized in Japan where it has more than 13 million clients.

The company is currently expanding into other Asian markets including China. Life Length was introduced to Yamada through Japanese scientist Dr. Takuji Shirasawa, Professor in Ageing Control Medicine at the Juntendo University in Tokyo, Japan who joined Life Length’s Scientific Advisory Board last fall. Stephen J. Matlin, CEO, Life Length said, “It is a great honor that a Japanese company as prestigious as Yamada Bee Company commits to a significant investment in Life Length. Yamada has built a fantastic brand and customer base in Japan and the exclusive Joint Venture that we are setting up will be able to take advantage of this.

Japan is one of the world’s most sophisticated societies in seeking to understand aging and age-related diseases and we expect to see our proprietary Telomere Analysis Technology (TAT®) become a fundamental biomarker in preventive and personalized medicine in Japan.” Mr. Hideo Yamada, President and CEO of Yamada Bee Company commented, “We are proud to be partnering with Life Length in which over €3 million has been invested in the development of its technology and business. We believe that telomere length is a crucial biomarker and that Life Length’s TAT will certainly contribute greatly to our business development.

Our company has also been focusing greatly on the R&D, and it has founded and operates a lab called the “Institute for Bee Products & Health Science”, which will make use of Life Length’s technology. On investigating all the existing technologies worldwide, our scientists unanimously agreed that Life Length’s proprietary TAT is the outstanding gold standard in telomere length measurement. Using this technology, we intend to offer the test to all Japanese to help our customers live longer and healthier lives.”

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