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Telomere Test Lab Life Length

|15 FEBRUARY 2018|

Grupo Alter, leader in the human healthcare with such brands such as Nutribén, Couldina and Germinal, has become a shareholder of Life Length after a capital increase of 1 million euros. The timing of this investment comes at the midpoint of the ONCOCHECK® project, which is generating significant expectations in the oncology field and in the fight against cancer through the TAT® diagnostic test developed by Life Length.

Life Length, world leader in telomere measurement, has closed a share capital increase with Grupo Alter following a €1 million investment, providing Life Length further financial muscle to carry out its plans for this year. In the past few years, Life Length has raised more than €10 million in capital and its shareholders include such institutions as the Spain’s largest private foundation, the Botín Foundation, and Yamada Bee, Japanese national leader of organic nutritional supplements.

One of the most ambitious projects the company is carrying out is ONCOCHECK ( study for which Life Length was granted €3.1 million by the European Union’s prestigious research and innovation program Horizon 2020. ONCOCHECK aims to demonstrate the clinical validity of telomere variables as biomarkers in  a number of major cancers in order that doctors are empowered to take better decisions and improve how the illness is combated. The 24-month study is now more than half complete thanks to the participation and collaboration of more than 30 major Spanish hospitals. By the end of 2018, the telomere variables of more than 4,000 people will be analyzed and correlated with other clinical data, patient history and treatment protocolos. Among the cancer in the study are lung cancer, prostate cancer, acute and chronical lymphocytic leukemia, amongst others.

With this new capital contribution, Life Length will be able to face with greater financial resources the upcoming commercial challenges both in personalized medicine and in the market positioning of its technologies throughout 2018. Grupo Alter, on it side, adds biogenetics to its wide portfolio that goes from food to chemical products.

 About Life Length

World leader in the field of telomeres, Life Length offers a series of tests to measure cellular senescence, a crucial biological marker to establish biological age, for the early detection of chronic diseases and for risk stratification. Life Length is the only company in the world capable of measuring telomeres individually at a chromosomal level using its Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®). The company offers its testing services to relevant industries such the pharmaceutical for R & D and to carry out clinical studies, and also to doctors working in preventive medicine and personalized patient care in fields such as cardiology or oncology where telomeres have shown to make a significant contribution to the development of the disease. Life Length is accredited by the US Federal Government through CLIA as a clinical laboratory, it also holds the prestigious IS0 15189 accreditation and its ONCOCHECK project has received funds from the EU ‘Horizon 2020’ program under the financial agreement number 738707. For more information, please visit

About Grupo Alter

With 75 years of history, Grupo Alter is a Spanish company with presence in several fields such as the pharmaceutical, the chemical sector, the childhood food and wine industry. Amongst the most important products produced and distributed by Grupo Alter are such well-known, leading brands as Nutribén, Couldina, Germinal Alter Genéricos, Solar de Samaniego and Durón.  Grupo Alter has branches not only in Spain but also Portugal, Italy, France and the Dominican Republic and exports to more than 40 countries in all five continents. For more information please visit

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