Life Length reinforces its relationship with the CNIO

9 August 2018 Leave your Thoughts
Telomere technology CNIO

Life Length, the new biotechnology company dedicated to the measurement of telomere length, has announced that it has strengthened its collaboration agreement with the CNIO (National Center for Oncological Research) regarding telomere measurement technology TAT.

The CNIO is the owner of this technology that is based on the discoveries made by Dr. María Blasco. Life Length reached an agreement with the CNIO, at the end of 2010, of exclusive transfer of the right of exploitation of the same in exchange for a share in the evolution of the exploitation of the technology by Life Length via royalties. In this new stage, the CNIO reinforces its commitment to technology transfer through the training of Life Length technical specialists in the use of licensed Telomapping technologies based on the use of Opera and Confocal Microscopy equipment belonging to the CNIO laboratories. The objective is to support Life Length’s work of bringing to the market the most precise technology that currently exists to measure the length of telomeres as an indicator of the biological age and the state of health of the organism. This technology has multiple applications for the pharmaceutical industry and in numerous fields of biotechnology, oncology and diseases related to aging and infertility.

Fernando Peláez, Deputy Director of the CNIO and Director of the Biotechnology Program, said: “From the CNIO we are very pleased to be able to support the activities of this young company born as a result of the excellent research carried out in our center. We are convinced that the creation of companies based on the research carried out in public centers is one of the ways of changing the economic model that the country needs so much, and within our vision is to support this type of effort to the best of our ability. initiatives that may arise from the laboratories of our researchers. ”

In this context, Life Length has incorporated two technicians to the laboratory. He is Juan Antonio Sánchez-Arias, PhD in Biology – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – from the Autonomous University of Madrid and Alessandra Spagnolo, PhD in Cell Biology and Biotechnology, from the University of Messina (Italy).

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