Life Length Telomere Test available in the United Kingdom

9 August 2018
TLD telomere test UK

|24 SEPTEMBER 2012|

Life Length , the world’s leading telomere testing and services company, announced an agreement with The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. TDL will provide a centralized sample collection, preparation and shipping service to Life Length’s laboratories in Madrid, Spain for analysis.

Stephen J. Matlin, CEO, Life Length said, “We are delighted to be able to offer our test in the U.K. with the logistical support of TDL. This is a major step commercializing Life Length’s TAT (Telomere Analysis Technology) in the U.K. making it more straight-forward for physicians and their patients to take our biomarker test. Telomeres are the best predictors of biological age and excellent general health indicators, and highly related to the emergence of agerelated diseases. We believe that this test will become standard in checks-up and preventive healthcare.

U.K. doctors can now incorporate Life Length’s telomere test easily into their practice.” He continued, “Life Length measures each individual telomere with enormous precision. Currently, all other approaches provide far less precise estimates of average telomere length which offer limited utility and insight. Life Length’s approach has the advantage of measuring the percentage of critically short telomeres, which are responsible for cell senescence and aging. We believe this is very important for preventative and personalized medicine.”

As part of its growth and development plan, Life Length has participated in the following conferences in the last few days: BioSpain, Bilbao, Spain (Life Length was one of 20 companies of the more than 750 that participated to be visited by HRH Prince Felipe), the 9th Annual Anti-Aging Conference celebrated in London, and the American Academy of AntiAging in Chicago.

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