Life Length’s TAT® test is finally available in India!

27 May 2019 Leave your Thoughts

Life Length has signed an agreement with MediTantras, a consulting company for healthcare providers, to distribute the TAT® test to physicians and healthcare professionals in India.

As many of you may already know, blood samples need to arrive in the laboratory for processing within 48 hours, otherwise the sample is not eligible for analysis. This was the main reason why Life Length could not offer the TAT® test in India, since the distance between India and Madrid is too long for said requirement to be met.

Luckily, not long ago, Mr. Vineet Kumar, founder of MediTantras, crossed paths with Life Length and, thanks to their collaboration with a clinical laboratory in the country, professional healthcare providers may now offer the test to their clients and monitor their aging process.  

This is the starting point of healthier aging for many people in India!

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