31 July 2020 2 Comments

Recently, we have seen more news from scientific media linking telomere length with good lifestyles choices and, therefore with improving our natural response to the COVID-19 disease.

Having a strong immune system grants you an advantage in facing any disease; and COVID-19 is not an exception.

As telomere shortening causes cellular aging, a slower rate of telomere attrition is an indication of slower cellular aging. This also affects the cells of the immune system.

Knowing your biological age and improving your health with lifestyle choices, become essential factors when facing this pandemic.

And we are not the only ones highlighting this. Various studies such as the one carried out by Simões et al. in leukocyte telomeres of people with high physical performance and athletes, have concluded that “The higher physical fitness, better health, lower inflammation, better redox balance, and the longer leukocyte telomere length of master athletes indicates they are not only biologically younger then their calendar age suggests, but are also expected to have a better ability to successfully face a COVID-19 disease than their frail sedentary age-matched peers.

Aviv meanwhile, indicates that people with shorter telomeres in their leukocytes have a higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than the ones with longer telomeres.

We have already spoken on several occasions about different effective methods (e.g. exercise, supplements, managing stress, intermittent fasting,…) which we can use to take care of ourselves and be more prepared against any disease, as well as keeping our telomeres healthy.

Today, and given the strange situation in which we find ourselves, we recommend taking special care of our health and our loved ones.

Life Length, in addition to performing the most complete telomere measurement on the market, now offers a COVID-19 detection service through PCR, rapid antigens tests, ELISA and rapid antobodies tests.



  • Jeff Naparstek says:


    I’m located in Western North Carolina [US] and would like to participate in a telomere study. I’m seventy years old and am in good health [except for some arthritis].

    Is there a study available?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Stay safe!

    Jeff Naparstek

    • Life Length says:

      Dear Mr. Jeff,

      Thank you very much for your interest in Life Length. Please, for further information in our telomere test, send us an email to

      Kindest regards,

      Laboratories Life Length.

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