Life Length wins a contract with the foundation for biomedical research of the University Hospital of Getafe

9 August 2018
Telomere test Getafe

Life Length, the new biotechnology company dedicated to measuring the length of telomeres, has announced that it has won the tender – via public tender – convened by the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the University Hospital of Getafe, for the hiring of a Telomeric length analysis service.

Telomeres, which are the ends of chromosomes, are the best known measure of biological age, as opposed to chronological, and are a potential indicator of the state of health of the organism. Telomeres are essential to maintain the regenerative capacity of different tissues and organs, so that when they are shortened below a critical length, the organism will age.

This analysis consisting of the measurement of 550 samples for an amount of € 130,000 is included in the Toledo Study on Healthy Aging, which aims to study socio-demographic and biomedical variables associated with the development of frailty in a representative population composed of 2,500 elderly ( 65 years of age and older).

The objective of the analysis is to determine the degree of cellular aging. The TAT method allows the determination of the percentage of short telomeres, cell by cell, this information being the most reliable to determine this degree of aging.

Among the biomedical variables considered are a series of biomarkers (cardiovascular risk factors, functional performance parameters, metabolic variables, …), including the presence of genetic markers.

Stephen J. Matlin, CEO of Life Length commented, “Life Length uses the technique developed by Dr. María Blasco that measures each telomere individually – cell by cell – with great precision and, therefore, provides information on telomeres short at the level of individual cells, which is of utmost importance in the fields of cellular senescence and aging. This technique is the most advanced that exists worldwide”.

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