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Your Percent of Short Telomeres May Indicate Disease

Take your health into your own hands. Telomeres are an important biomarker in your body, helping define your true biological age and playing an essential role in cellular reproduction. Using Life Length's available technology, you and your doctor can begin to develop a custom plan to improve your quality of life.

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The Benefits of Measuring Your Telomeres

Your health should be personalized. Through Life Length's patented technologies, our unique tests serve as an excellent indicator of your overall health and true age. Measuring your telomeres allows doctors a better understanding of your aging process and health, creating a truly personalized needs assessment.

Gain Important Insight On

  • Your overall aging process
  • The effectiveness of your health and wellness efforts
  • The likelihood of unexpected changes ahead

Telomere Length Can Be Linked To

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Different forms of cancer

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Congratulations! You have taken an important step in learning crucial information about your health. Telomere tests are ordered through physicians. Please select below.

What Our Clients Say
The technology is cutting edge and the team is very responsive. Turn around times are acceptable considering the attention to detail that must be paid. In terms of one to one consultations I would not use any other technology. The current proliferation of salivary tests cannot hope to come close in accuracy and reproducibility. In many ways salivary results can be deceptive
Dave Woynarowski
Dave Woynarowski
16:44 08 Sep 17
Excellent web site. Lots of key references about the role of telomeres and human disease listed.
Jerry Shay
Jerry Shay
18:26 17 Sep 17
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