The moment when an individual visits their doctor´s clinic for a consultation can be considered as one of most important first steps in the process of designing a preventive medicine plan. While traditional medicine approach focuses on curing diseases once certain symptoms that have already appeared, preventive medicine is vital for discovering early symptoms of age-related diseases.

Importance of anti-aging therapiesPreventive medicine gives great importance to diagnosis and tests where the doctor can monitor how their patient´s health status is evolving. Similarly, prevention works as the first step of each anti-aging therapy. Reducing the risk factors of age-related diseases helps to minimize the consequences of later deterioration and cells reflect, very precisely, the way people age.

There are diagnostic tests offering doctors information about their patient´s biological status. The more information they have, the better advice they can give and thus create a better anti-aging plan. Diagnostic tests have become the best indicator of our health evolution. This is because our genes reveal how anti-aging treatments affect our body and mind. A therapy will only be successful if the doctor can personalize it based on the patient´s risk factors and clinical history.

In either case, preventive and diagnostic measures allow doctors to gather scientific data on their patients´ health and aging process. Additionally, they will ease the subsequent treatment as well as help to establish lifestyle changes to prevent and delay age-related diseases.