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We offer a wide array of technologies and are a global reference in telomere length analysis

TAT® - Telomere Analysis Technology

World leader in telomere analysis

Our technology can overcome the problem of traditional ones that only offer 1 variable. This data is not representative since telomere length has to be studied as a diverse population and taking into account multiple variables that we can measure.

Through our TAT technology (based on an upgraded HT-Q-FISH protocol) we can offer more than 250 variables per sample:


The standard analysis provides 4 variables:

  • Average Telomeric Length
  • Median Telomeric Length
  • 20th percentile Telomere Length
  • % of short telomere Length (> 3kbp)


The Extended analysis measures more than 250 telomeric variables per sample, dramatically increasing the probability of identifying differences and drawing valuable conclusions. 90% of our customers choose this analysis.

Telomeric Length Percentiles:
Know all the telomere lengths of the sample.

Quantify how many telomeres there are for each telomere length.

Categorize your cell population according to telomere length.


  • Clinically validated (CLIA y ISO 15189)
  • 5 replicates per sample
  • Can be performed on any cell type or tissue
  • Simultaneous processing of hundreds of samples (384 plates)
  • Intra-assay coefficient of variation <5%
  • Seven control cell lines
  • Thousands of individual telomeres measured per sample
  • Full study report with statistical analysis included

Detection of secreted analytes at the single cell level.

Mostly used for evaluating antigen-specific cytokine responses.

Multiple detection



Detect more than one cytokine secreted by a specific cell

Enabling the study of populations with limited number of cells in blood (like T and B cell populations)

Representative applications

  • Transplant rejection response
  • Vaccine development
  • Allergic response
  • Viral infection monitoring and treatment
  • Th1/Th2, T cell regulation
  • Monocyte and dendritic cellanalysis
  • Cancer

Upgraded immuno-assay that detects and quantifies  biomolecules and molecular complexes.

  • No wash-steps offering higher sensitivity.
  • Wide detection range: from small molecules to large protein complexes (up to 4-5 logs).
  • Reduction of sample size needed (5uL max.)  reducing the cost per unit.
  • Broad sample compatibility (available for plasma).
  • High throughput.

Representative markers quantified

  • Cytokines
  • T-cell receptor cell signaling assays
  • Biomarkers for diseases such as: Fibrosis, Alzheimers, Parkinson, Diabetes
  • Immune checkpoint proteins and binding assays
  • Growth factors
  • Ligand-receptor assays
  • Molecule interactions (DNA: protein, RNA:protein, protein: protein, lipid: protein)
  • SNP detection

AlphaLISA® assay for immune checkpoint proteins and cytokines.
Source: Perkin Elmer

Telomerase activity assay

Telomerase is the enzyme responsible for elongating telomeresand can be used as an independent biomarker or in combination with other Telomere variables.

Measure the activation or inhibition of the telomerase enzyme through our robust Q-TRAP protocol:

  • Clinically Validated (CLIA and ISO 15189)
  • Each sample is run in triplicate
  • Ideal for detection of telomerase inhibition and/or activation
  • Full study report with statistical analysis included

An alternative Telomere Length assay ideal for isolated DNA samples

  • Relative and absolute telomere length measurements (T/S ratio and in base pairs)
  • Simultaneous processing of hundreds of samples (384 plates)
  • Each sample is run in triplicate
  • Applicable for purified isolated DNA of any biological sample
  • Optimized for human sample processing
  • Quantitative Polimerase chain reaction (qPCR)

Southern blot based technique

  • Up to 12 samples simultaneously
  • Each sample is run in triplicate
  • Telomere length measured in base pairs
  • Applicable for purified isolated DNA of any biological sample

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