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Telomeres – One of the most critical biomarkers for human aging

  1. In any living organism, aging is the result of the decrease in the number and/or function of cells.
  2. Every time cells replicate, telomeres shorten until they reach a point where the cells can no longer divide properly.
  3. Cells with such short telomeres usually become senescent or enter apoptosis, and eventually die.
  4. Therefore, telomere length is a crucial biomarker providing insight into understanding organismal aging.

We can show the potential of any anti-aging therapy

Aging is targeted continuously by researchers and companies and new potential therapies are surfacing every day.


We offer powerful diagnostic tools to demonstrate the efficacy, functional properties and method of action of your antiaging therapies.

What we offer – In vitro Testing and Product Development

In vitro experiments in cultured cells to test new or existing compounds with telomere length and telomerase activity measurements at each passage.


Measuring your compounds’ effect on telomeres or telomerase in vitro can reveal their anti-aging potential.

In a recent study we demonstrated the positive effect of an antioxidant on telomere maintenance in comparison with untreated cells (standard condition) and cells treated with a pro-oxidative agent.

The graphs below show differences in population doubling as well as the differences in telomere length between the three cell lines.



What we offer – Clinical Validation

Clinical studies to show the anti-aging effect of any compound or product through telomere maintenance.


In a study published in 2016 our technologies proved scientifically the effectiveness of TA Sciences’ product TA-65 to elongate telomeres in a clinical setting. Find the study in the link below.
A Natural Product Telomerase Activator Lengthens Telomeres in Humans: A Randomized, Double Blind, and Placebo Controlled Study.

Micronutrients and pharmaceuticals with anti-aging properties

Many micronutrients have been shown to have an effect on telomeres and telomerase suggesting their anti-aging potential. The table below mentions some notable examples .


Recently a published study demonstrated that Danazol, a synthetic steroid that is used primarily in the treatment of endometriosis can have anti-aging properties through telomere elongation. Find the study in the link below.
Danazol Treatment for Telomere Diseases

For more information on how we can support anti-aging therapies and the latest studies on nutraceutical supplements and micronutrients please take a look at the following presentation.

If you would like to know more about our technologies or organize a study with us please contact us using the link below.