As you already know, the protection and preservation of one´s telomeres is crucial for maintaining a healthy biological age. Besides the natural degradation that occurs in daily cell replication, other outside factors can negatively impact our health by speeding up the shrinkage of our telomeres. In a recent study, scientists found that drinking soda is another one of these negative factors.

The study states that, after considering factors such as age, race, and daily exercise, every 8 ounces of soda consumed has an average effect of 1.9 years of cellular aging. Sodas break down telomeres faster than normal, thereby shortening our biological clock.

The same article did share a more positive note as well, stating that those who follow the Mediterranean diet had telomeres that were longer than those who did not.

Be sure to note that there are thousands of other factors that also affect the telomeres in our bodies. However, if you had to take anything away from this recent study, it’s that as far as our telomeres are concerned, drinking soda is bad, and following the Mediterranean diet is good.