Interested in finding out your biological age and getting a better understanding of your aging process? We’ll tell you right here how you can take the Life Length Telomere Analysis Test.

If you’re interesting in ordering a Telomere Analysis Test, send an email to asking to be put in contact with a doctor in your area who can help administer the test or we will also provide the option of performing the test with one of our doctors.

Life Length will contact your personal physician (or if you don’t have one, the nearest Life Length partner) and send them a kit. Inside the kit will be a series of forms that you and your doctor will need to fill out. The kit also comes with instructions for the doctor on how to administer the test. The test itself consists of a simple 10ml blood draw.

Telomere Analysis Test - Life Length Kit

Inside the kit will also be the patient questionnaire codes. Make sure you fill the online questionnaire out, that you can find here LifeLength-Questionnaire before your doctor sends in the completed kit in order to get your Results Report in a timely manner. This questionnaire allows to generate a completely personalized Result Report, highlighting specific recommendations to improve and maximize your health. These points also help your doctor to develop a much more personalized approach to your healthcare thanks to the information provided.

Once the Results Report is available, it is uploaded to LifeLength – PhysicianPortal, where your doctor can access the report and analyze the results with you.

That is pretty much the whole process to have your telomeres tested with the most accurate telomere analysis technology currently available to the public. This accuracy level is the element that sets Life Length appart and the reason why our test is performed on a small blood sample, instead of using saliva.

Thank you reading us, we would love to be part of your journey taking your health to the next level!

Life Length Team