COVID-19 Test for companies

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, we offer test services for the detection of COVID-19 to companies, SMEs, organizations, and groups throughout Spain. We carry out PCR tests to detect positive cases with a 99.9% reliability, and the most comprehensive serology ELISA tests. We also offer the best antibody test for the quick detection of IgM/IgG antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with a sensitivity and specificity of 98.6% and 99.6% respectively.

Life Length offers a fully tailored service throughout Spain with consultation and prescription, sample taking with qualified nurses, and issuance of the corresponding results reports signed by a doctor. The service also includes the management of the reporting of any positive case to the health authorities. The service can be carried out in the company’s own facilities, provided that at least 20 people attend.

Prices for companies and organizations:

The budget for companies is personalized based on the volume and type of test. Please contact us to make an order at:

Check the lab fees for all the different services we offer.

*There are special prices for large volumes.


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We exclusively distribute our quick antibody tests to customers in Spain. You may order starting from a single box of 20 tests. For customers in Portugal and almost all of Latin America, we sell, exclusively, through our sub-distributors. We are currently looking for sub-distributors for certain markets. If you are interested, read the presentation about the tests or fill out the following form for more information.

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