The wellness industry is becoming more complex, mainly due to its positive growth outlook and its wide range of facilities. As more centres have opened up, the need to differentiate has created business opportunities for those who provide complementary services to the traditional ones including accommodation, spa and relaxing activities. And anti-aging medicine has also found a new niche in the market right there.

In order for the patient to obtain a comprehensive picture of their health status and to assess whether it has improved after some time of resting in the wellness centre, many owners and managers of these centres have opted for offering health services. Depending on the medical personnel, the offer would depend on the degree of complexity, but generally speaking, the physician´s consultation is preceded by a combination of diagnostic tests and preventive medicine recommendations.

Telomere testing and wellness centersAdded value has even more sense when the patient´s stay extends to one week or longer. In such case, wellness centres usually create a bundle to fit each customer´s needs. Although the financial costs raise, it allows the patient to receive a more comprehensive care and data collected is used to provide the doctor with information to design a treatment plan for the patient in order to become healthier or to slow down their aging.

While some wellness centres count with their own clinic laboratory, others are located near hospitals or clinics where sample analysis can be done. The visit frequency of these wellness centres has also increased due to medical tourism. As a result of this, some wellness centres have turned into luxury hotels specialised in health. The venture capital all over the world has grown significantly, a sign that indicates that the best times for this sector are yet to come.