Which type of physical exercise works better for telomere length?

26 February 2019 5 Comments
A woman runner

Nowadays, more people are joining the healthy lifestyle club through a balanced diet, less stress and more exercise, all of them being a key to a healthy and young body.

Our last two posts were related to the effects of diet and stress respectively on telomere length and consequently on our biological age. In this new post we would like to focus on another key aspect in longevity: exercise. Ok, but there are many types of exercises, which one has the greatest impact on telomeres?

The European Heart Journal has recently published a study which compares different types of exercise and their effects on telomere length. In this study, which was conducted in Leipzig (Germany), 164 healthy volunteers were grouped in four different categories -runners, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), weightlifting, control group- and worked out for 26 weeks. After that time, their blood was analyzed for telomerase activity (TA).

The results showed that the endurance exercise group presented higher telomerase activity rates, whereas the resistance exercise group did not. Furthermore, another study classified participants in two groups, namely runners and non-runners, and telomerase activity was analyzed after a 45-minute workout. The study showed higher telomerase activity rates again for the runner group, but not for the non-runner group.

Although a scientific explanation cannot be given yet, it is thought that such differences in TA occur as a result of the release of nitric oxide, which has been shown to increase TA.

Scientists plan to carry out further studies on the cellular effects of combining endurance training with strength training. But for now, we are certain that any kind of exercise will help our body to become telomerically healthier and younger. So…ready, set, go!


  • Ken says:

    Please discuss the role of NMN in maintaining NAD+ level for more than 14 days in humans. What are the minimum blood tests necessary to finding out that diet, exercise are maintain the telomere length. Are the capsules sold by Elysium effective? Or by NR/NMN? HOW EFFECTIVE are average telomere length determined from blood sample?

    • Life Length says:

      Dear Ken,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We agree that there are different studies demonstrating the effect of NAD+ on longevity.

      Many investigators are identifying that its effect is via the regulation of NAD+-consuming enzymes like Sirtuins. Specifically SIRT6 and SIRT1 have been associated with telomere protection in the past.

      Regarding your question on Elysium’s product, although we are familiar with it, we have never performed any tests to be able to evaluate its potential. We would say however, that 14 days is probably not a sufficiently long period to see a difference in telomeres (on an organismal level). This is based on our experience testing other products and of course studies that we participated in.

      Measuring telomeres in blood is actually very effective if one wants to evaluate the aging process and is even more valuable when there is an intervention (change of lifestyle, supplements, exercise, disease etc.). It is very important to keep in mind however, that an effect on telomere maintenance might not be visible in a very short timeframe only.

      I hope this information helps you clear up your doubts.

      Kind regards.

  • Philemon says:

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    Would love to see more from you!

  • Tigran says:

    This post is great. I read your blog pretty regularly, and you’re constantly coming up with some great staff.
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  • Max says:

    As you already know I am 104 years old and going strong.
    Truth is I don’t really know although genetics are likely to play a role.
    I dont eat red meat and have always exercised excessively. Swimming mainly. No alcohol and no smoking! Goes without saying really.
    Be happy and laugh everyday but not so often they think you have lost your marbles!
    104… yes its not a typo. I really am and celebrate every day as gods miracle.

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