On 7 April 1948, the World Health Organization was created in New York. Therefore, 70 years later, the commemoration of World Health Day 2018 has a special significance. This body, dependent on the United Nations, defines in its constitution that health is not just an absence of diseases and pathologies, but also a complete state of physical, mental and social wellness.

On 7 April every year, the WHO chooses a priority topic of interest and a country that international community will draw special attention to. In 2018, Sri Lanka will host this event under the motto “Universal health coverage”. Public health departments are asked to boost the protection of this fundamental right as hardly half of global population owns access to basic health services. Medical costs bring poverty to a large number of families which live in developing countries, above all when their members do not receive any public aid.

Aging and telomeres Some of the fields where Life Length centers its activity have also been object of this celebration. Therefore, highlighting the healthy aging issue, the following motto was chosen in 2012: “Good health adds life to years”. Since then, the WHO has promoted four initiatives regarding healthy aging: fostering health throughout our life, creating favorable environments for older people, recognizing the value of this collective motivating their participation in community life and making easier their access to palliative care and long-term healthcare.

It is not just about generating the best conditions for the elderly, but also about analyzing why we age and about taking preventive measures. Therefore, celebrating World Health Day implies raising awareness that staying healthy is a process which lasts until the end of our days and requires a healthy lifestyle.